Who is Jevin Canders?

Jevin Canders LLC is a partnership between Josh Anders and Kevin Croissant. We do cool stuff, like launch satellites and mirror software we like.

Where are you located?

Josh lives in Massachusetts; Kevin lives in Ohio. Since New York was equidistant from us, we put our servers in Buffalo and our legal headquarters in Albany.

What kind of servers do you run?

We currently own an HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 with an AMD EPYC 7402P CPU, 256 GB of RAM, and a 10 Gbps pipe to the internet.

How do you make money?

We currently run BingoBlue Electronics, an online electronics store. We're also hoping to launch BabbleBlue Communications, a VoIP phone provider.

Will you sell my personal information?

Absolutely not. For more information on how BingoBlue Electronics handles your information, click here. For more information on how Jevin Canders mirrors handle your information, click here.